Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Amy Myers

This year Mrs. Amy Myers was selected as the Teacher of the Year for Cross Timbers Intermediate school. She was nominated based on the following criteria:

"Candidates should be skillful, dedicated teachers who plan to actively continue classroom teaching. They should take an active role in their communities as well as their schools, and demonstrate professional poise and articulateness. The most important criterion in evaluating nominees is their ability to inspire a love of learning in students of all backgrounds and abilities."

Mrs. Myers serves as a Co-Teacher on campus. She is loved by all of her peers and students. She serves as a role model for other teachers on campus and is eager to help both students and peers in need. Mrs. Myers has been described as a generous, caring, and kind individual by her peers. 

​Mrs. Amy Myers made the following statement regarding her Teacher of the Year victory:

"I have been grappling with the words to say regarding being chosen as this year's Teacher of the Year. I am completely overwhelmed and just want to say thank you.

Y'all are an amazing group of teachers, and I feel so honored to represent our CTIS family. There are so many that I feel are more worthy of this title than myself, and I would love to list every name, but then this e-mail would become too long. 

Thank you again for this honor. ❤️"