Perot Museum of Nature and Science is Coming to CTIS!!!

We are so excited to announce that the Perot Museum of Nature and Science will be coming to CTIS on February 20th from 5-7 pm. We would love to have you and your family come join us for this exciting event. Here is a description of what we will do during that time:

Community Science Meet Ups are 2 hour-long hands-on, station-based experiences in which educators bring the supplies and materials needed for 6 stations all related to STEM learning. Here are the stations brought out to CSM’s:

· Paper Rockets

· Digital Microscopes

· Robotics (Ozobots, Sphero’s or VEX)

· Makey Makey Circuitry

· LEGO Gravity Racers

· Marble Roller Coasters

Families will go from station to station at their own pace and work together to complete them all in a large space such as a gym or cafeteria. We will need to provide 12 volunteers (2 per station) to help run stations, educators will oversee and assist as needed. Volunteers will arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled start time for training at the stations.

Perot Science Night Flyer